I already know what will be on my tombstone, says Bill Nighy of Heavenly Love


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Richard Curtis's Christmas comedy, according to movie critics, is among the best romantic movies of all time. "Curtis changed my life, thanks to a movie in which the creators were not looking for a rock god but a rock idiot, so I did not have to sing in the rehearsal," he said shortly before the benevolent projection of " Paradise at the Multikin in Chodov.

The fact that the film is popular around the world does so because, even at Christmas, it is broadcast in England. "I think when I die, my tombstone will say," Children, do not buy drugs, get famous and you will get them for free, "Nighy recalled the famous message from the movie.

The Prague actor first visited, and even if he came here to work, some things in the capital had certainly disappeared in his head. Even when we were driving, I was wondering why I was delaying the visit to Prague for so long, "he said," I do not just say that I like it, I feel stupid for never having been here. " he.

I really enjoyed it, an actor praised Prague, and he was able to visit some beautiful places. "Direct from the airport, I visited the cathedral of St. Welcome I did not expect it to be so beautiful and huge.Then I was in the castle, which was also impressive.Ancient and relatively modern in one.It was just a fairy tale.I I will definitely remember how I sat in a cafe watching the sunset behind Charles Bridge and a great halibut for dinner, "he said enthusiastically with Nighy, who is very well guarded for his privacy.

Your desire is to spend a vacation in Prague. His guide to the city gave him a business card and told him that if he returned, he would take care of everything. The actor also noticed that there are very beautiful women around here. As a guy, I had some benefits.I sat in a cafe and watched, and now I'm just for you, "added a sympathetic actor who said," I should not comment. once wanted to become a journalist.

Bill Nighy in Prague

Bill Nighy in Prague (2018)

Bill Nighy in Love Heaven

Bill Nighy in Love Heaven (2003)

For his best known role as an old rocker for Love of Heaven (2003), he won the BAFTA Award. Romantic Heavenly Love received the 2004 Empire Award for Best British Film. In the same year, it was the most sought-after DVD in British rental companies. The actor is also known from the films Valkýr (2008), Underworld (2003), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) or various parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

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