Saturday , October 23 2021

Huawei prefers Android. But he has already announced when he will have his own system


Operating System Huawei Hongmeng

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According to his spokesman, Huawei still prefers Google's Android operating system for its smartphones. A spokesman for the Chinese manufacturer told CNBC US.

However, the current situation of trade war between the United States and China means that Huawei will not have access to Google services as well as updates.

Android itself can be used as it is available for free to virtually everyone within its open source foundation. However, new Huaweie smartphones will not be able to use Google services, such as the Google Play app store.

This makes them essentially unsaleable goods in markets outside of China. In China, you do not have to bother the company because Google services do not work there because they are banned.

CNBC's Huawei spokesman said he does not want to use his own system and prefers the Google system as it has been so far. However, if they are forced, they can use their own system.

The spokesman even specified how long Huawei is able to deploy its own system on its smartphones. It should be between six and nine months. Huawei has been secretly developing its system for seven years.

The question, however, is how customers react to such a move. It will take some time for your system to create an available application base. For this, customers in demanding markets will not be willing to wait.

In particular, the lack of applications meant the end of Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile) from Microsoft, as well as the end of the very popular BlackBerry OS.

Huawei's system must be called Ark OS in global markets. In China, the manufacturer should use Hongmeng's somewhat dangerous name for the rest of the world.

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