Huawei could use the old Nokia system in the Russian national arrangement


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According to available reports, Huawei has been developing its own system secretly for seven years. Originally he wanted to be just self-sufficient and take profits from all the services associated with using a smartphone. However, it is more likely that he wanted to break with the use of products from American or Western companies.

This has now been fully demonstrated that Huawei has been blacklisted as part of the US-China trade war and is separate from Google's services. Google is the most widely used system builder in the world, and without its services, Android is unusable for most customers.

So, Huaweii has no choice but to try my system for several years. But it will not be easy. Now, sales of Huawei smartphones are expected to fall by as much as 60 percent. It will not be easy to return to the sun with your own system.

The system itself should be called Ark OS in the global version, then Hongmeng in the Chinese domestic market. We do not have detailed information on this yet. According to some information, it must be a Sailfish system modified by Jolla.

To make us evil. Russia wants its own mobile phone system

The Sailfish operating system comes from the MeeGo system, developed by Nokia and Finnish. However, his plan failed and in addition to the commercially unsuccessful Nokia N9 smartphone and only for developers designated by the Nokia N950, has ceased to appear in another model.

However, Huawei should use the "special" version of the Sailfish system for the Russian market. In fact, in 2015, Russia's Communications Minister announced a plan for self-sufficiency in the smartphone system and restrictions on the use of Western Android systems by Google and iOS by Apple.

The Sailfish system, though originally from Finland, would become the Russian national smartphone system. The plan was for half of Russian users to use the new system compared to the current 95 percent of Western users.

If Huawei uses the modified Sailfish system on its next smartphones, compatibility with Android applications will be guaranteed. They support Sailfish. However, the functionality of the applications may not be 100%, and the distribution of the applications themselves will not be easy.

In demanding markets, it would be difficult for Huawei with a modified Sailfish system. But the aforementioned Russian state strategy provided for cooperation between states known as BRICS. These include developing markets in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. There, these smartphones could stand a chance.

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