Monday , April 19 2021

He had a penis of strangers: Petr (30) was an exhibition at the exhibition of naked men, the most feared erection

While several Czechs arrived in Prague on November 17 for Freedom and Democracy Day to give way to Václav Havel's silent idea, Petr traveled to the metropolis for a completely different experience. He was attracted to the exhibition Voayer, which became part of a work of art.

Peter was one of 22 men who did not hesitate to file the application a few months ago, the day Mário Petrey, Voayer's show host, announced he was looking for male models for another multi-day show. "First of all, this is a very interesting and somewhat prestigious event, and at the Women's Exposition I saw many of my favorite models, so when there was the opportunity to attend a similar exhibition with men, I did not hesitate for a minute"Revealed Peter, who is very close to the BDSM theme of the Voayer show.

"I greatly praise the fact that this event is balanced by gender and is not always protected by women whose nudes are everywhere, while naked men do not even deny. Last but not least, it is a welcome, "he said at the age of thirty, for he had no doubt. On the day he showed his body to the people, he took on more than five thousand Czech crowns.

Even though he was eager to overcome his barrier, Peter could not come the night before the event. He had many thoughts in his mind. "I do not know what I'm worried about if I'm going to have an erection or if I do not have it", He said nervously before the event began.

After the first ninety minute exit, where Petr was hanging in a mask tied to a chair, the initial fears fell. "It was very nice. I would definitely repeat"He liked the touch of strangers who appreciated every sip.

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