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Unthinkable will soon become a reality, fans convinced of Justin Bieber (25). The singer, whose star began to fade in recent months, reported on Facebook for a year. In addition to the false promises to release a new album after four years, he also talked about the family. And he suggested that Hailey Baldwin (22) would soon become a father!

March 25, 2019 21,41 |
Author Zdeněk Drgáč

Hailey Baldwin (22)
pregnant with Justin
(25)? The famous couple is still recently
they whispered that they were getting divorced
, but now everything is different!

Bieber, who has been relaxing for the past two years, told fans
Facebook. In his extensive report he shed his heart as
he suffered horribly when he had to sing for money.
interesting, but hid at the end of unexpected news.

"I'm focusing on becoming personal
life, all the problems that most of us have. I concentrate
do not fall apart to have a happy marriage and be such
the father that I want to be, "Justin confided in the social network and came down

Thousands of comments have accumulated under the post in a matter of minutes
in which everyone asks the same: will be
Justin and Hailey really parents?

This question will probably remain unanswered for a long time if
Justin wanted to clarify, he would write that a child would be born for him. Fans
so they will have to make do with the promise to release a new album soon. But who
Surely you will not have a peaceful sleep, Selena Gomez (26) is up
"only recently came out of severe depression …": https: //www.extra.cz/…-gomez-zivot

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