Hana Hegerov acknowledged kidney problems


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He returns to the hospital every year. I'm responsible in my own way. Denn at home for a few turns and dreams, but it's things I did not do. Here are the doctors and nurses. I am very happy here, to Hana Hegerov in an interview with the Rehabilitan Hospital in Beroun.

The bag is not a patient. Especially I do not listen to mr. Cousin Horek to call someone when I need something, just sing.

Just a little bit, with the traffic to where it should go and back again. Since I need lots of fluids, I would have to be with me to help me. I do not have sisters this way, Heger continues.

I am very vdn by the possibility of a single room. I do not want to bother anyone, I think there is a bit of selfishness. Selfishness because I'm at an age when I do not want the convenience of turning on the TV and its volume, dodv.

It has been eight years since Hana Hegerov decided to end his active karvir and as time goes by, I have much more to say, Petr Malsek, composer and pianist. At just filling up with a grand concert celebrating the 88th anniversary of the singing of Frank Prankm Karln.

It will be a concert without me on me. There will be singers who sing songs that I have in the repertoire. I will not be there in person. But if that happens, very rda podvm, to Hana Hegerov.

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