Gryger on the echo: You have to touch it, map it and find your ground


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Together, they won gold in the European amp in twenty-one years, they were a strong generation of national mustva, which surprised the world football in Euro 2004. An armor, a kind of goal. Both took part in European club clubs.

Gryger did not work as general manager at Zln, where he also serves as vice president of the board of directors and vice president.

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Maybe Petr would have married in the future. In the future, the future in advance, therefore, also in winter announced that the end of karir. He married to stay in England, a man from London and Chelsea would have refused. He'd probably done it now, and he was in a conversation with Ajax Amsterdam and Juventus Turn.

Peter ech at Chelsea

Is he going to get a new role?
everything was always dark. A huge advantage, Chelsea, because he was there for many years, won trophies. The owner is the same, with the publisher Marina Granovská, with whom she will cooperate. And navc: he's an icon, the fans love him. That also helped Pavel Nedvd at Juventus. He also had to be a saint and decide who will be the youth. Huge m competition.

ech it be so hard?
It would not be easy for him if he was totally responsible for leaving the club. the hunter does a bit of the bust, but we, who play abroad, have a good business in the contacts. We have something open for what you're going to pay for the tuple for Peter.

Petr ech

Speciln ploha


ek ho vt pressure and responsibility?
I would not say the pressure, it's great at hunting. But the responsibility is enormous. Two together with the owner and the trenk together kdr, you will not take a minute, the dog tden much less time than hr. And when you do not come back on the weekend, worry.

How to find a bike?
I dare not advise you because we are yin and the environment in which he will not compare with Zil. But uncomfortable things to do, you need to end with nkm cooperation is always tk. When it came first, I was also uncomfortable. But after all these years, I consider her professional. You have to decide even when they are. Peter was always a diplomat, he could come out with a cadmium, he would have no problem with that.

What, in turn, will entertain you?
From my point of view, it is good to meet new people, gain experience. And Peter will be the same. We have Pavel Nedvd at Juventus and now at Chelsea. Two ei in the management of these giants, that's all. I am that other guys of my generation get involved.

Next to Nedvd and the echo are Rosick, Jankulovski, Vachouek. For almost anyone at the party strong, the thorn got stuck?
Roman Tce m in the German Academy, Tom Galsek is an assistant national team, otherwise we are going in a different direction. Esk connects nen to easy trenry and push out is to go t 잚. The road is long, prickly and probably does not do much of that. M charge the time I've never taught.

At the same time, he revealed that he would study the license of the Train. See your distant future sp in the bank?
Hold it there. He got used to the English model of a man like Arsne Wenger at Arsenal. He was responsible not only for the sport, but also for the economic sketch. As Peter is, this may be too much for him. But you have to find out and think that during the mole of time it will come.

Have you discussed the future together?
We learned a little about Tom Rosick's split last year. But I did not know that he would be a karir, so he spoke of the curiosity of my work. I did this with Tom Rosick, especially when he was hurt and considered the future. He questioned a lot, as did Marek Jankulovski. They wonder if I'm going to complete a contract, how many millimeters of paper. J was also having fun with Pavel Nedvd. I was behind nm in the curve several times in the nvtv and even being the world in the world, I wonder how Juventus works. As a game, it did not matter, let's follow up.

That was Peter ech jin, and? Like an hour, he was interested in what was happening in the office.
I think so. He has always wanted to know as much as possible, so I think he will be moving quickly. Chelsea m rules and system that will be simple. That way, it will entertain and find your paper quickly. If Petrporadce is a technical-sporting cut, it is probably for snooker prisons. Chelsea is a great club, a hunter has to touch him a little, map the environment and find his floor.

How did you get this?
J piel, when a kind of league was playing on Zln. I'm falling well, that's a good start. I entered the hole, we entered the spring and went to the procedure of the city. In the first championship, I was guided, I got used to the new regime. In addition, I was not strictly limited to prison, but I was a sports director, then vice president, chairman of the board during the time of the …

It's going to be a little different at Chelsea.
Clear. We are the owner, the director and the trenr, at Chelsea they have a lot of people. Mino Raiola, Italian agent Zlatana Ibrahimovice and other stars once fell me: You in the clubs really! I also have some things in other places that are experts, which is how nron, but teaches a lot.

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