Gmail celebrates 15 years and receives new features as a gift


Gmail will now learn how to whisper message text and, most importantly, add native support to email scheduling later.

Google released Gmail 15 years ago on April 1, 2004. And even though it was not a quirk in April. This, moreover, proves the popularity of the service that does not last. And although Gmail initially worked as a 1GB development, its interface looks a little funny today.

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That's how the Gmail web form was.

It's hard to imagine controlling an email client today on a button phone without a proper touch screen. But that was also the norm when Gmail was released. However, it has come a long way since its launch, and last year Google innovated both the interface and features. He picked up some gadgets from the final inbox.

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Interfaces on older phones without touch screen.

Schedule post for later

But now Google has added a clever feature to Gmail – the ability to schedule an email to be sent later. This is possible in both the web interface and the mobile application. Just type free while typing Schedule shipping and is. There are pre-prepared times to choose from, such as tomorrow morning or evening, but you can always set a specific time and date at ease.

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Sending e-mails can be planned in advance.

The second is the extension of the automatic completion of email text, but this does not concern us – Czech does not belong to supported languages. Abroad, however, they can use the automatic design of email items or add sentences, even in the same style as they normally write emails.

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