For all, would it be appropriate if afov were true?


There is no secret that Tom Plekanec is with Lucius Vondrkova in these unpleasant distributions of battles. Arkes are thundering since last year's player and hockey said they were coming together.

Manel was not only swinging, but also where his sons Adam and Maty would be.

The pancake grew from Canada to the eco (the wall for Luca afov's current partner) and dd would be very nice. Vondrkov manages to stay in Montreal, where the guys are accustomed.

In the end, the court was right to tell Tomi Plekanc and gave the singers the opportunity to breed with the children later in the year.

This should happen every day, and the first time there was information about the fact that Plekanc's partner, Lucie afov, should be present.

At first glance, because it would bring chaos to a family situation. On the other hand, it would probably help with the triangle triangle. In in?

Like guilt, divorce or divorce is not easy. In addition, there are children, disputes over property and alimony that only prolong the process. But if Lucie really compromises, it's quite common, and the slightest Tom Plekanec will try to accelerate the divorce.

In that case, he could at least try to get Vondrkov to get up and not try to break through at all costs. Divorces complicate the early years, none of them want to back down.

But if ah, then the hockey player can try to get the divorce. And never goes the path of pressure, but a compromise.

Also for Vondrkova, for her to be at the beginning on thotenstvi thovenna afovna, would be really appropriate.

Not to mention that Lucy Afov's affiliation could definitely be a continuation of the relationship between Vondrkov and Plekance.

And where the end is, there is also the prison. You have a new relationship for Lucka Vondrkova.


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