Football clubs in Ústí and Teplice will deepen cooperation


FK Ústí nad Labem and FK Teplice signed a memorandum. This establishes more detailed conditions for cooperation between the two clubs. This would create appropriate conditions for young players.

Pavel Šedlbauer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FK Teplice.Photograph: Deník / František Bílek

During the press conference held at the Ústí nad Labem Municipal Stadium, Pavel Šedlbauer, chairman of the board of directors and member of the board of directors Petr Hynek, was present at Teplice. In Ústí district there is First Deputy Mayor Jiří Madar, Member of the Board of Directors and Youth President Václav Kožíšek, and Executive Director of the Club Petr Heidenreich.

Petr Hynek recalled that cooperation between the two clubs is already under way. "Signing the Memorandum is the culmination of a long-term cooperation between the two clubs," Pavel Šedlbauer said. "Under certain preconditions, Teplice may use some players in Ústí and vice versa," said the chairman of Teplice's board of directors.

Better conditions for young footballers

The cooperation between Soccer Teplá and Ústí is not only for adult players, but also for players in the youth categories. "We are pleased to have an agreement to help young players. Both clubs work well with young people, so young footballers have a chance to progress in their careers," Mayor Jiří Madar told FK Ústí.

"As a co-president of youth, I see a lot of positive things: our best young players have the opportunity to develop in Teplice, where they have a better base and more competition, there are precise rules for players to play between the two clubs. currently has about five players in the FK Teplice youth category, "said Václav Kožíšek.

There is a club gym in Teplice, Ústí has ​​a sports center for the youth. These organizations are twenty in the Czech Republic, but two in the Ústí nad Labem Region. As the youth is no longer able to host, it was also necessary in the memorandum to establish the conditions under which the youth between the two clubs can climb. "We will not deal with funds for youth transfers. Finances will come in a number of times when adult players are in professional football," Madar said.

The goal is to play with our own children

Both parties agreed that the long-term goal of cooperation between clubs is to create football players for an "A" team from their own ranks, and it was not necessary to bring football players from other cities or from abroad.

"The philosophy of our youth section is that we want to keep the competitions we play, but we are mainly interested in the players, and if it is more beneficial for their future development to move to Teplice, we certainly will not defend them. , this could mean a worse position for our club, but we decided to do this course, "added Kožíšek.


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