First time one and two points. I did this, Vondrouov said


Tennis player Markta Vondrouov during the Fed Cup bar against Canada.

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In trouble, she barely reached the mek and sent her to the other court tent with a high bow, the opponent simply whipped her back to the starting position. At that moment, Prostjov's audience exploded in an explosion, a thousand-year-old girl rose from the seats, a single flagship took the flag. I liked it, I lived after a few points at the Fedcup Bari with the Canadian tennis player Markta Vondrouov.

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Over the weekend, in Prostjov she perfectly fulfilled the role of darkness. On Saturday, Leylah Fernandez defeated 6: 4 and 6: 1, one day later she gave the home team a turning point after 6: 3 and 6: 4 over Rebecca Marin. Jet I've never felt the feeling of scoring two points, it's great, I enjoyed 19 years.

She entered the duel with the Canadian team more actively, thanks to the variety he had with the number of kraas, the podnip rival and the comfort of the first set were double twist. However, at the beginning of the second stage, Vondrouov saw a saw for service and found himself under the harsh Marines. Immediately after the arrest, prm, it was a bit sad for me, but she actually included the time, described Vondrouov.

But at 3: 4 she still drank the left-handed eka. Sri t gam in the ad turned in favor and squeezed gently on Peter Ply 3: 0. Finally, she made some mistakes. When I was swallowing and running, she was spoiled. Although I was not able to play the kras in a second set, it was a lot of me, but it did not work for me.

The start in Prostjov was also a good way to start the season. It was for the first time on the clay court, I was also wondering if I had it like this before the tournament. And it's better than the Fed Cup by two points, added Vondrouov.

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