Finally, the AirPower Wireless Charger does not. Apple project canceled –


"Our engineers have proven something that has not yet been done," said the marketing director of the American computer giant, Phil Schiller, in 2017, by showing the world to AirPower.

In fact, a dozen wireless chargers actually did much more than it seems at first glance. This white pancake should be able to provide three different devices at the same time regardless of how you put the devices on the mat.

No device can do this. And yet she will not be able to

So far, no other device can do this. The wireless chargers currently offered always serve only one device. If they can recharge multiple devices, it's because they have specific points where devices can be placed. Basically, there are three separate chargers in one.

That was the main difference in the AirPower model. The charger should detect the device itself and provide the juice needed – specifically three devices at a time. Exclusive equipment would have to be placed on the nightstand, after which iPhone, clocks and possibly headphones would be charged.

Fans should seek a competing product

Apple's vice president of hardware division Dan Riccio has confirmed to TechCrunch that AirPower will never be created. "We have come to the conclusion that, despite all our efforts, AirPower will not be able to meet our high standards, so we canceled the entire project," he said.

"We apologize to all customers who are looking forward to AirPower. Despite canceling the project, we continue to believe that the future is wireless. We will do our best to push the boundaries of this area, "added Riccio.

Users who are looking for wireless charging now have no original charger in Apple's offer. They must rely on models from competing manufacturers.


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