Monday , April 19 2021

Fight until the last minute. The emperor found a hardcore that refused to go to the locker room earlier

He wrote number seven at once. Happy number. Karlos Terminator Vemol reached the seventh MMA victory without being interrupted by the defeat. This time, XFN 14 Moses Rimbon, who lost to points, was not enough for him in Bratislava. "I've been fighting hard guys all over the world, I know it's popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but I'm ready, I'm anxious." Karlos, that's something else, "said his opponent before the game.

O2 TV Sport

Sok, from the United Arab Emirates, came to the hall with a smile on his face. The silent power that took Gladiator's music. After the match, he left the cage defeated, still smiling, but Vemol made his way. And literally. His opponent was no longer sixteen years before the limit.

The first attack came in the first round, and the Czech fighter was playing Rimbon after fifteen seconds and dominated for almost five minutes. The emblem of the emperor was successful.

In the second round was also a fight in the attitude in which Rimbon was more dangerous, but finally reached the scene of the first act, Vémola secured the position on the ground. Not in the third. Here he came to a time that was not the custom of the Czech beggar, he ended up on his back and had to defend himself. Although this bike probably lost, the first two were back and could celebrate another victory.

Another stop in Prague

He promised T.K.O., but this time it did not. "Unfortunately, my tactics were that I got tired of him during the first two rounds and finished third, but he left everything there." Unfortunately, I lost my bike for a long time. , thirty-three, after the battle in the cage.

After Bratislava, however, he can attack another opponent on his way back to the UFC, where he says he is going.

"I'm going to the cage as a champion and I'm going to get out of it as a champion. It's the toughest rival I've had since leaving the UFC, but I'll deliver what I promised. the TKO will be promised, "Vemola sent a message before the game. He did not finish, but he won, and that counts.

His next battle is scheduled for a gala evening in Prague. Three days after Christmas Eve, she will appear in the O2 arena. The opponent is not yet known. The matches will be broadcast by O2 TV Sport.

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