Sunday , April 18 2021

Fans refuse Badinkova winner: New cinkla, blame television

Everyone believed that the fifth-grade show winner Her face has a well-known voice to become a talented singer Eva Burešová. She even won all sorts of online surveys. But that did not help either. The winner of the award was Michaela Badinková. And apparently it was surprising too, because she had the same opinion before the final dinner as most. "I think it would be worth winning Evička, but everyone. I liked them all. And I'm proud of them all."Said Badinková.

Burešová finished second. "Eva was the best interpreter of all lines and Slovaks, but unfortunately she is in the Prima, "one of the fans thinks, and many people agree on Facebook".Misia was not bad, but Evecek won a super voice and every performance was great and professional. Besides, I think Patrik Vojta should be in the final. Unfortunately, I think more and more that it is distributed before being transmitted"The truth is that Badink gained popularity in the Street series and is now playing in Ordino at Rose Garden 2.

Kristina even challenged the contest. JSorry, but someone else should win it. I have nothing against Badink, but with the singing there was not much more, and this acting performance was definitely better for Eva. It's very sad, because it's not just my opinion, but what I understood most of the audience. It's strange and the competition is very strange."

"It was a shame she was winning from the second half, she was good, but not the best, just a friend of all." says Vojta in the social network. Either way, the results are clear, Patrik Dergel finished third.

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Star Office Badink: The wedding will be! But she has been engaged for seven years. Markéta Reinischová, Lukáš Červený

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