EZ walks away. For the first time in eight years, I can announce that we expect profit growth, said Bene.


Daniel Bene, f

author: HN – Josef Horzn

Last year, the energy company EZ spent the last fifteen years in its senior year. Its profit fell 45 percent adoshl to just 10.5 billion kronor. So not how many companies spent fifty years. Despite this, the good news was good. "It's a post I present as a company. For the first time, I can announce that we're going to make a profit," said Daniel Bene, CEO.

According to him, operating income from the revenue could increase to a billion billion to 59 billion kroner, and profit to 17 and 19 billion kronor. "It's a turning point when we're going to laugh about a big deal in the next few years," Ben added.

In general, losk has caused disappointing results among analysts, whether in terms of dividends. Last year, the company paid 17.8 billion crowns to shareholders, representing 33 crowns per share. The dividend would be the biggest loser of the 70% stake. "Neither our estimate nor Thorn's estimates have achieved the results," said Komern Bank analyst Miroslav Frayer. In fact, if the company paid one hundred percent of its profits, the dividend would cost only 24 crowns per share.

January EZ declined to comment on the dividends in 2018. Ben just said that the company's dividend policy was still paying 60 and 100 percent of its profit. Last year the meziron fell from 20.7 to 13 billion kronor.

Despite this, feedback was positive. "Although the results have disappointed the market, however, the prognosis is a significant year and, in our view, we do not know the whole outcome."

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