Sunday , October 24 2021

EURO 2020: Goal met in June, qualifications not yet achieved, Schick et al.


Two home games, six points. The footballers had a clear goal after school in England and were able to relieve themselves of the strict task. "We have to continue on our path, nothing is gained yet," says Filip Novák. "Two domestic wins can be key. Anyway, we are on the right track, "adds Patrik Schick, star of both games with Bulgaria in Prague (2: 1) and Montenegro in Olomouc (3: 0).

They have learned. While against the Bulgarians immediately in the beginning, the Černohorc próprios themselves soon gave the goal.

"He was very important. It calmed us down and then we did not have to push the game forward like the Bulgarians, "says Patrik Schick.

"We knew that the Montenegrins had a window after they had strayed. I knew I was going to shoot the first one. In Serie B, I hit a half, but the team's goal is more valuable, so probably my best, "Jakub Jankto smiles.

He passed the second to Schick, but Kopitovič hit his pass in his own net. The Italian legionary therefore had a penalty after a penalty penalty in his person.

Today was a team performance, said coach Jaroslav Šilhavý. And he warned against the power of Kosovo

"The second goal was classically owned, I only counted one." I believed in the penalty, I usually give it the last time I threw a penalty at age 19. I do not accept that a foul player should not kick a penalty. also ended up being, "Schick cries.

Beware of Kosovo

Anyway, the Czechs rose to the second position of progression in Group A to England still sovereign. However, only one point less than the Squint Bunch is Kosovo, which seems to be the EURO's biggest rival.

Watch them. They are very underrated, but played well in the past qualification. Difficult games are still waiting for us, "says Jankto.

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