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And, in fact, the New Jersey Devils Vs. New York Rangers. Who will the Newark club choose and who will compete on the other side?

I would choose Kakka. He played between the guys, showed that he was in the NHL now, after a while he was clearing the hockey player Devils Patrik Eli.

NHL 2019 Calligraphy Project

  1. New Jersey Devils
  2. New York Rangers
  3. Chicago Blackhawks
  4. Colorado Avalanche
  5. Los Angeles Kings
  6. Detroit Red Wings
  7. Buffalo Sabers
  8. Edmonton Oilers
  9. Anaheim Ducks
  10. Vancouver Canucks
  11. Philadelphia Flyers
  12. Minnesota Wild
  13. Panthers of Florida
  14. Arizona Coyotes
  15. Montreal Canadiens
  16. Colorado Avalanche
  17. Golden Riders of Vegas
  18. Dallas Stars
  19. Ottawa Senators
  20. Winnipeg Jets
  21. Pittbusrgh Penguin
  22. Los Angeles Kings
  23. New York City
  24. Nashville Predators
  25. Washington Capitals
  26. Calgary Flames
  27. Tampa Bay Lightning
  28. Carolina Hurricanes
  29. Anaheim Ducks
  30. Boston Bruins
  31. Buffalo Sabers

In general, there is an opinion among the wax experts that neither game will be a mistake. 18letKakko is the right, the Finnish sniper. He really did a lot of hockey in the senior league. He will be one of the best hockey players in the world, I assure Jukka Jalonen.

Same Amerian star Hughes is the center again, would have a huge talent, but it is not, of course, if it really develops. The path from the American junior to the NHL will be the best for Kakka.

Even so, the prognostic beater clone to the point of being Hughes.

What gave revenge?

Tet dr Chicago location, center Alex Turcotte. He was born in Chicago, a fan of the Blackhawks, admiring them and imitating his captain Jonathan Toews in the American junior style.

With the crowd, Colorado, Los Angeles, is Detroit, seven Buffalo and eight Edmonton follow. (detailed in the box)

They can choose a ton of Canadian tonka Kirby Dach from juniorsk WHL. Recognized Athletic's website has the highest hockey score in the world, with the ability to create.

No setk

Americk TonkTrevor Zegras, The cooperative of Turcotte, extremely creative. In Nora, for example, in the tournament of five countries up to the age of eighteen in Russia, he was surprised against the Czech Republic by a suggestion of swelling in the corner of the co-op in front of Brno.

Even though only 170 centimeters Cole Caufield (So, from American juniors like Zegras, Turcotte, Hughes) the scouts are interested. Vdy v 64 zpasl nastlel 72 gl! A close-up of his pony tracked ikovnMatthew Boldy, just think of disk.

They choose t

Of course you are drawn by a large team of hockey players who play together in a development program on a national team under 18 in the American League.

Improve Your Goal Knight Spencer, that the scouts have written the best place since the Russian goal of the 19th century and current NHL star Andrei Vasilevskho of 2012.

The Kanaan force must be placed high Dylan Cozens junior WHL, which combines high-quality skates with physical play and armor Bowen Byram one Philip Broberg.

Kanaan Byram, WHLm's skating skill and the next rally, similar to Broberg's, has just gathered the experience at home between the lightning bolts.

When they come to adi ei?

In the round of tetm he could hear his name Michal Tepl, who divided the season between the first Liberec junior league, senior and Bentky. In the fall, he talked about the fact that at 190 centimeters he needed more than 74 pounds. It is not worth tying the draft. Either that works or not, the world does not grow, he said easily.


In the first picture is Michal Tepl, U18 captain Radek Muk.

anci in wheel tet m so armor Martin Hugo Ha hockey style hockey in Finland. Pt season per ml odehrt in Tampere. And so Radek Muk, which eight-year world championship played the role of captain. A year in the widow, you must fight for space in the extraleac of Pilsen.

Nadje dmaj v branki Luki Pak. Like Tepl, he divided the season between Liberec and Bentka. NHL ad Paka official from branki to Latvian draft to est.

The latest rounds will follow Matj Blmel of American juniors or sparan Ondej Penika one Luk Rousek.

First draft at 2:00 p.m., from bird to Saturday. He gave the rounds on Saturday from 7pm.

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