ern kael with Ostrava, also affected by the staff of Vtkovick hospital


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In the bush, the discomfort was manifested only by rhyme and numbness. In suffocating kael, the disease would have been avoided if you could not help.

In the region this year, the male was infected by a dog. This is more than double the patient all year round. But this is not extraordinary, the two kael appear in cycles, the editor of the anti-epidemic department of the hygiene station Krajska in Ostrava Irena Martinkov.

Firstly, hygiene recommends painting the small DT, for which I am sick within a year, but also people who come in contact with children, including grandparents.

We also recommend thotnch in. Vakcna chrn je and protitilky zsk i fet. A suitable group for the people in the field, where the counterparts of dtstv are progressively smaller, are also health professionals, mainly from the departments of children, neonatology and childbirth, l Martinkov.

They take antibiotics and are at home.

The sick doctor at Vtkovick's hospital declined to comment. They all have a confirmed illness and therefore carry the bacteria free of the disease to receive the antibiotics, and the time has to go to the house of isolation.

This was confirmed by Aguel Lucie Drahoov. In the region this year, the poetry grew with black mud and the column of Vtkovick hospital was sick. They were lazy antibiotics in the house of insulation. Last time, she was back in the work process, Ela Drahoov.

She said she was cooperating with the hygiene in this company. And above our duty to take a preventive test at Vtkovick hospital several times, Lucie Drahoov added.

After a year of experience, the company wants to take advantage of the future and give a preventive. We are currently preparing for our employee a free double card against ernum kali and tetanus, she said.

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