E-shops and stores are beginning to sell on the so-called Black Friday


Update: 19.11.2018 10:43

Prague – In a series of stone shops and virtual shops, the main part of prenatal discount events starts at the so-called Black Friday. This year falls on November 23. A number of retailers have started a few weeks to sell this year. Sellers promise rebates in tens of percent. Every year, more and more domestic stores are involved in Black Friday events.

"Revenue during Black Friday's unofficial Black Friday sales increased an average of 37% over the previous year, and we have seen more than a third of the number of visitors in a few days compared to the previous year," said Tomas Pilsky, director of CZC.cz. Like last year, he expects great interest in gaming consoles and accessories or smart phones.

Today's perfumes are launched by e-shop with perfumes Notino.cz, the rebates are expected to reach up to 70 percent. Datart stores will have discounts on Black Friday until Friday. The number of customers in some chain stores last year increased by 50%, so the company will also strengthen the exchange this year.

Kasa.cz expects a three-fold increase in sales over the current period as part of Black Friday's sales, culminating on Friday, November 23. Year-over-year sales will increase by 35%.

Alza.cz, which launched the discount action earlier, sold 2,500 products for sale. "Of course the most demanding is electronics, where many phones are sold immediately," said spokeswoman Patricia Gray.

"There is a growing interest in the fashion category and in the segment of homes, homes and gardens, but the trend of this year's holiday will be electronic and smart products, especially watches or automatic pet feeders, price manager Milan Šmíd said The composition of the products purchased during Black Friday is a sales copy throughout the year. At the top are furniture, computer games, television, books, perfumes and more.

Last year's domestic sales were nearly four billion crowns during Friday's Black Friday rebates, according to the Electronic Commerce Association. The average discount on e-shops was, according to Heureka.cz, but only 17% against the tens of percent advertised frequently.

Black Friday is generally the busiest day of the year for US retailers. According to sales, it is one of the biggest shopping days and opens the main season of Christmas shopping. The Black Friday marking was probably a description of the complications that drivers and police had to face due to the exceptionally strong traffic caused by buyers.





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