Friday , October 22 2021

Drama in the family of Karel Gott? These words speak for themselves!


Karel Gott's family has been worried for a long time! Health problems are plagued not only by the multiple nightingale, but also by the husband of his daughter Dominica! Gott's son-in-law, the Finn Timo Tolkki, publicly wrote suicide a few days ago!

Gott's daughter, Dominica, married Finland, where she lived with her husband for a long time. Her husband Timo ended up in psychiatry, his hospitalization was preceded by a very hard status in the social network where he went to his own family. It all started with suicide status, he told fans on the social network that he was giving up.

But, it seems, the Finnish musician now has a little head cleanser again. For a week after getting behind the hospital walls, he changed his rhetoric and started pouring ashes into his head.

However, psychiatric hospitalization seems to have benefited him because he changed his expression. "I'm going to eat a lot to be cool," said Timo, who has been suffering from depression for many years.

Even in 2015, Dominika left her husband for her problems because of her problems. But finally she went back to her husband and tried to support him!

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