DiCaprio and Scorsese are preparing an Indian detective story


Leonardo DiCaprio chooses his designs very honestly, on the other hand, he can appreciate it when something works. How to Work with Martin Scorses. DiCaprio will go to the movies in a few weeks Once upon a time in Hollywood and by the end of the year we'll see the Scorsese gangster Irish. There was no paper for DiCapria (although rumors of a cameo came up), and the two probably began to miss each other. Now they have the chance to join forces because Paramount Studio has bought the rights to their next crime Assassins of the Moon of the Flower. Scorsese will direct, with DiCaprio counting on one of the main roles, and the script is written by Eric Roth, that made Forrest Gump, Ali or The Star to be born.

The conspiracy is scheduled to occur in the 1920s when the Osedji Indians discovered that the inhospitable land in Oklahoma, where white settlers had expelled them years ago, is full of oil. They all got rich, sent their children to study in Europe, drove in cars and, surprisingly, many died under suspicious circumstances. Many other people were interested in oil. The crimes eventually had to be investigated by the newly appointed FBI, which sent its personnel to the scene, including the only agent who was of Indian origin. The potential for an interesting detective is definitely there. So maybe we do not expect too much for her.


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