Devil Pagan Online has entered the pre-release mode


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In February we went to see Pagan in Belgrade and we liked what we saw there (see our first impressions). Now, you can also experience this frantic variation on the iconic Diablo, the game is now available on Steam in pre-access mode.

What makes Pagan the most different from the other representatives of the genre is control. Character movement on the battlefield is not just clicking, but using the keyboard.

Otherwise, it's a classic endless grinding wheel that's always been part of the genre. By killing monsters who fall into ever stronger equipment, you improve your skills so you can kill even more powerful enemies, even better weapons fall, and so on, until you have fun.

The game is almost over, but there is no co-op mode that should be a key component of entertainment. After all, the word Online is not just the name in the title.

Pagan is currently available for less than CZK 700, and the full version is due by the end of the year. The console doors have not yet been officially spoken.

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