Desperate Jan Saudek? With pension is not enough!


Jan Saudek celebrated his 84th birthday a few days ago. Although he is still working, the photographer is retired. But as he says, he could not live with that!

Saudek could be characterized by three words – a lover of women and a god! And that lives accordingly! "I have 3 million crowns for retirement, but I do not know where they are," admits the shameless artist!

"This is strange.I take this for 24 years and it's divine.I have a lot of retirement.Two days, the photographer laughs.

He says he likes old age, but warns that, with his mental freshness, it will not be such a glory. "Because I'm drinking a lot. Of course, I drink the best, but never more than a quarter liter of spirits, "he admitted in an interview with Czech Radio.

"I do not really live exemplary, but I have a certain discipline that I drink from six to eight at night, then rest and after midnight I get up and work," he said.


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