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What she did not want to feel was any child. Anička Pomeje (5) lost his father in late February, pet-actor Jiří Pomej (54). For a deceased parent, he remotely sends a touching signal of love!

April 17, 2019 7.00 |
Author David Zápal

The fact that Daddy died, Anicka she learned
a few days after his death
. But maybe because of her age for her
the event is still not fully understandable. So when he remembers him,
There is no moment of sadness.

"About Jirka
(54) I'm talking to her. Here he says: "Oh, here we were with Daddy!"
will notify you when he sees a photo in a magazine. Also at home
burn incense stick regularly. But it is not sad,
he will not see you again. It's too small for that. After all, he almost disappeared from her
life a long time, then it is not so
shock "
said eXtra.cz Andrea Pomeje.

After fourteen days, she returned from a semi-business trip to Thailand, where
she was also with her friend Petr Plaček. Except for DJs at night
I made enjoy

"Anna was with her parents the whole time she was used to it.
oftentimes. She was the center of attention, having a little fun every day.
She also visited her grandmother, she was on vacation. Of course we are
they saw each other via video chat every day, "added Andrea.

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