Czechs went by train to the World Championship! We're going to beat him, Gudas is determined


Vlastimil Vacek, Right

While the planned train departure was still almost an hour, Czech representatives already met at Prague's Main Railway Station. A total of twenty-five members of the board, but about a hundred fans who came to see the hockey players did not see.

Fifteen players and technical assistants Reichel with Mlejnek, four hockey players and coach Miloš Říha gathered in Pardubice, the other four in Brno and Břeclav captain Jakub Voráček and defender Petr Zámorský.

Where Czech team members got on the train:
Jakub Kovář
Šimon Hrubec
Radko Gudas
Michal Řepík
Robin Hanzl
Michael Frolík
Dominik Kubalík
Jan Kovář
Dmitrij Jaškin
Michal Moravčík
Jan Rutta
David Sklenička
Dominik Simon
David Tomášek
Jakub Vrána
Robert Reichel – Coach
Karel Mlejnek – Coach
Tomáš Zohorna
Filip Hronek
Jan Kolář
Filip Chytil
Miloš Říha – trainer
Patrik Bartošák
Hynek Zohorna
Ondřej Palát
David Musil
Petr Zámorský
Jakub Voráček

"I travel a lot by train and we go with him to Washington and New York during the NHL season.I went last week to Brno for a national tournament.It is more pleasant to travel than a plane we are in all seasons.Muper change" , said Radko Gudas, the defender of Philadelphia, who moved to Bratislava.

Washington striker Jakub Vrana, who is waiting for a national team debut at the World Championship, took the train for the first time on a train trip. "It's really the first time I'm driving just by bus or plane. I'll play the song, maybe I'll take a nap, "planned a 23-year-old native in Prague.

Radko Gudas says goodbye to his family during his match for the 2019 World Cup.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

"There's the internet on the train, I took the iPad with me, so I look at something. And we'll talk to the boys too, "Gudas suspected.

"It's a good thing we're not in the D1, we're not going to be in a traffic jam and we'll be on time, we can do our homework, we'll stay and then we'll continue training," said assistant coach Robert Reichel. 17h, three hours after arriving in the Slovak capital, the team is already preparing for the ice in the training room of Ondrej Nepela.

Czech hockey players Jakub Vrána of the national team and Michael Frolík during their match at the 2019 World Championship in Bratislava at the main train station in Prague.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The Czech team is eager to end the long wait for the World Cup medal, after all, the last is the bronze medal of 2012. And Gudas does not set low goals before the start of the championship. Quite the opposite.

"We are going to win! The team is well-designed and the only player in the current team to win the championship is Voras," recalled the cry from his teammate Jakub Voráček, who was returning from the World Championship in Germany with gold in 2010. "I think he can get us up," says Gudas.

Czech hockey players Petr Tomášek of the national team (outsiders) and Jan Kovář during their match at the 2019 World Cup in Bratislava at the main train station in Prague.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

"We have a great team and a lot of quality players. The core of the team is very strong, we have a great chance to succeed, "says Crow.

"Returning by train with medals would be nice, but still far away. However, we will do our best to give the boys what they experience. I believe the strength of the team is, "is Reichel, who has won the World Cup three times as a player.


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