Czechs go to retaliation with the Germans with Bartošák in the goal


The day after a 5: 4 victory over Germany, the Czech hockey team must play a second match with the same opponent of the Euro Hockey Challenge. Patrik Bartošák has a chance on goal, coach Miloš Říha has decided to make four more changes in the line-up. The game started in Karlovy Vary at 5:20 pm, you can watch a detailed online report on

Slavomír Kubeš, ČTK

Kometa Brno's Jan Štencel replaces Vojtěch Mozíek on defense. The first three attacks will remain in the same composition as on Wednesday, with the trio in the fourth, which left out the first duel – Lukáš Rousek, Radim Zohorna and Martin Zaťovič. Ondřej Beránek will be prepared as the thirteenth forard.

"We want all the players to appear with enough space before sending someone home," coach Milos Riha said.

The national team players will have three days off and will meet again on Monday in Nitra. There, Jan Kovář of Pilsen and Milan Gulaš and Jakub Voráček and Radko Gudas of Philadelphia must join the team.


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