Czech composer Simonne Draper was awarded the Global Music Awards


The International Music Awards was established in 2011. Its main goal is to help promote musical talents in all genres. Each year, the organizers select the winners of hundreds of artist submissions from around the world. Musicians receive awards in the form of gold, silver and bronze medals.

"The Silver Medal with Canzonetta Espanola, of course, enjoys such a competition with the participation of musicians from around the world, and the awards are awarded based on the quality of individual compositions, not according to sales of discs or base In addition to my music, two other Czech works have been selected and our country is heard in the world, "Draper said.

Simonne Draper studied guitar at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague. In 2014, Dolorosa went to the final of the international song contest The United Kingdom Songwriting Contest. In the same competition in 2015 and 2016, the Czech composer Tomas Kympl managed to compose New York and Ave Maria. Draper in 2015 won the Fines 2015 in the classical music category The Hollywood Songwriting Contest.


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