Cutting talked about drugs and alcohol: If I were not going to heal, I would not be here today!


The singer Kamil Střihavka has been involved with music for many years. As he admits, it was a great desert in the 90's! If he did not step on the brake and would not heal, he would end it badly!

The long-haired singer recalled the 1990s, which he thought was an exceptional time. "The music as such has had a huge boom." Not only within Jesus Christ Superstar, but across the country. "Many great bands and projects were created, many records were made and people bought it as a wonder. it was just foreign music, that we were looking for somewhere on the stock exchanges, but also the contemporary Czech production.No one was doing what we were, we lived the present Here and now! "Remembers Střihavka.

According to him, he felt he was immortal. "Nineties were sexy, but it's true I've been in the fog for eight years," the magazine said. "In the end, I had to pull the handbrake because I could not handle it and it's quite possible that I was not here today," he says, looking back. At that time, he played thirty-three times a year – and it had to be signed somewhere.

"I did different things to have energy," she recalls. "I celebrated the summers of Christ, so I was in the vanguard of power, but still had its limits, so we were reaching out to various means of support. 1990, I discovered that it would take a lot of time to get together, "he admitted.

That is why he entered the healing and entered the new millennium as a pure man. Your life is not so wild today. "Today I have a beer after the sport, I like wine, but I do not drink schnapps for twenty years, I never play again, it's a devil, not to mention the rest," adds Střihavka.

In 1986, Kamil Střihavka began to sing with the band of power metal Motorband. He later switched from Power Metal to Hard Rock. He also performed in the BSP trio (Balage, Střihavka, Pavlíček). He also performed in the Czech adaptation of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar at the Spirala Theater in Prague, where from 1994 to 1998 he performed on hundreds of Jesus' reruns. His other musicals include Joan of Arc in Ta Fantastika, Prague and Excalibur. He also sang the official anthem FK Teplice.

He is currently the leader of Kamil Střihavka & Leaders! Since November 2010, he has performed at the Karlín Music Theater in another performance of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.[1] He is a member of Rock Opera Prague, where he performs in the rock opera Oidipus Tyranus, in the first Czech metal opera 7 against Thebes, the rock opera Romeo & Juliet; in 2015 he also joined the rock opera Faust. He also appeared in the musical Drop of Honey for Verunka, Joan of Arc and Robin Hood.


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