CSSD will remain in government, but it has


Jan Hamacek, the chairman of the Social Democrats, told the party's chairmanship that CSSD would support the government next week in a vote of suspicion and remain in the cabinet. The opposition caused the vote due to audit reports on the conflict of interests of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES). Hamacek told reporters before the meeting in Lidove dum in Prague that involvement in the coalition with YES makes sense when his party manages to achieve the goals with which it was made. Vice-President Ondřej Veselý said that the CME should make a clear statement this time and not leave the room, as it did during the previous vote of suspicion.

Hamacek said he noted in the regions that today should be discussed whether to remain in government. "I am of the opinion that if we can achieve the goals for which we went to government, the government's engagement is significant," he said, and the same attitude prevails in the regions. I said now, "he said.

Without participation in the government, Hamacek said that the party will not be able to promote its program. According to him, CSSD priorities should be adequately reflected in the state budget for next year.

MEP Veselý said he would accept the Bureau's decision by voting in the House of Representatives. In the November vote on the mistrust of all 13 CSSD lawmakers present, CSSD left the House, thus encouraging the government but distancing itself from the alleged kidnapping of Babis' son in the Crimea. Veselý would not like to repeat this procedure, considered politically unhappy and the public did not understand it. "I believe it will be an active vote," he said.

CSSD senator Petr Vicha, chairman of the CSSD senator, told reporters that the development was right for those in the party against entering the government. According to him, it is now difficult for CSSD to reverse the coalition because it would be replaced by the SPD and the government would continue. "When you commit suicide, it's hard to turn back," he said.

The CSSD also discussed the current situation in the judiciary and the failure in the recent European elections. Hamáček informed the party about the current state of the dispute with the descendants of Zdeněk Altner for more than three hundred million remuneration for his legal services.

Opposition parties want to call for a vote of no confidence because of proposals from the European Commission's audit reports on Babis' conflict of interest. The presentation of the proposal postponed the opposition on Friday to allow CSSD to discuss the issue of the summit between the congresses.

The list addressed to key members of the Social Democrats asking whether they still support the coalition government with Andrej Babiš. You can find your answers here:


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