Communist boss Filip pushed to the tax office for Horáček


In his letters, Filip strongly criticizes the Office's controls, which revealed a possible abuse of European subsidies in the workshop. It orders the Office to take action against Horáček's company in an illegal and discriminatory manner. He also writes in his correspondence that, according to him, control was purposeful, with the only effort to undermine the reputation of Horacek's business.

Filip complained about the procedure only half a year before police accused the entrepreneur and sent him into custody on suspicion of machinations. The workshop is being processed along with it.

As Pravo has already reported in the past, the tax office issued a pledge of CZK 21 million against the workshop a few months ago. However, in the past, Filip only admitted to the press that he had met Horáček in two official meetings during which the businessman lobbied his companies in Kazakhstan and Vietnam. But according to Philip, he said he failed.

Director Surprised

When questioned by law, if he interceded for the First Protected Workshop at the Tax Office, Filip first replied to the editors that he did not. When the editors told him they had documentation confirming the act, he replied that he "just asked."

However, as can be seen in the correspondence, Filip simply "did not ask," but the Office procedure, which carried out a tax audit in the company, was particularly negative. "Yes, and I can not do that as a lawyer?"

Lobbyist Tomáš Horáček in custody talk.

Lobbyist Tomáš Horáček in custody talk.

Photo: Jan Menšík, Právo

According to the Director of the Financial Authority of Ústí, Jan Havlíček, Filip, as deputy, had the right to address him in connection with this topic, but his actions surprised him.

"For the first time, I met politicians (consultations and interests in a particular company). However, he was entitled to this and I replied to him. This surprised me. Of course we can bid for the way it was filed, it's one thing, "Havlíček told Pravo.

Immediately in the opening letter, in which Filip speaks of possible bullying at the tax office, Havlíčka, for example, said: "Dear Mr. Director, I hope you realize that the First Protected Workshop employs hundreds of employees, including one (the company is classified as 50-99 employees according to the Authority's note) and the end of its activity would have a negative impact on employment in the region as a whole. "

He concluded the critical letter with the following phrase at the address of the Financial Office of Ústí: "I am aware that the Audit Committee of the House and the Supreme Court of Accounts are competent to examine the procedure of the tax administrator, but I believe that the contents of your response will not require your involvement. "

Devices for European money

Havlíček provided Filip with a summary of the progress of the audit which, according to the evidence gathered from officials, revealed, among other things, that Horáček bought a line of ironing and washing for European money, but did not even participate.

The director explained to the chief of the Communists why the office suspected that there had been a violation of budgetary discipline. However, Filip insisted that the job "proceeds illegal and discriminatory" against the workshop and that all evidence was evaluated by the employees to the detriment of Horáček's company.

According to Filip, the tax office is "not a specialist in the laundry industry", so can not evaluate the installation of technology or its specific operation.


He was referring to the commissioned expert report that said the machines were working. This occurs despite the fact that the non-use of the lines was also evidenced by the energy consumption of data mapping.

During his criticism of the position, Filip also "obul" to the nonprofit organization Transparency International (TI), which has long criticized the work of the workshop and which Havlíček also pointed out.

"You are only presenting a negative about this company, which is completely misleading, backed by Transparency International, an organization that is widely used to compete between companies. This also confirms the belief that the entire tax audit is conducted in a purposeful and with the intention of harming the company, "wrote Filip.

He is behind his statements at the IT address. When asked if he thinks IT is producing custom products, he replied, "I do not know if you ask, but I appreciate it. Should not I have a legal opinion?"

Filip Havlíčka also "pointed out" that he had already "personally discussed" the case with Finance Minister Alena Schiller (for SIM). "President Filip did not speak to me about the subject you are interviewing," the minister said, however, to the issue of rights.

Filip Havlíčka even "warned" that his journalists are also interested in the progress of his subordinates. When the editors checked the information with the nominated journalists, she also received a negative response.

Gibiec as a clutch?

According to the information, the complaint about the procedure of the tax administration Filip, by the official form, as vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, was sent in the autumn of 2017 by the then executive of the workshop and sister of Horáček Barbora Horáčková.

An unofficial long-term "clutch" between him and Horáček, however, would be Filip's former personal adviser, former journalist Lukáš Gibiec. In the past he worked for the companies of Filip and Horáček.

Lobbyist Gibiece, according to the editorial team, is also associated with "membership" in two associations and as "hiding" the shareholders allegedly operating in the European company CO4C SE.

Horáček declined to comment on the topics in writing. Mostly Gibiec responded evasively. "We've known Horáček for years, I do not know if I was the first to introduce Vojtěch Filip and Horáček," he wrote to the editor.

The fact that Gibiec, Philip's former advisor, also worked for Horacek, but the House vice president did not know. "He did not know, I do not care. He worked only for me in the media. I do not think the past of my people, "said Filip.


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