Coat of arms after breaking up with Gulash: Girls do not take it home!


A few weeks ago, model Vlaďka Erbová went through a rather difficult break with hockey player Michal Gulašim, who was supposed to be unfaithful to her at the time. However, the reason for ending the relationship is unknown. But the coat of arms is already intensely another person

Vlaďka Erbová had a break with hockey player Michal Gulašim, with whom he lived in Brno, where he rolled on ice and sometimes supposedly in bed with other women. However, the reason and details of the end of their relationship are not officially known, so it is unclear if they have finally moved away. Vlaďka now has at least more time for children.

Recently she and her two children caught her at the premiere of a new film in Brno. Markus' son, with his football player arrested, Tomáš Řepka, even married a friend. "Sometimes we talk about girls sometimes, sometimes he likes it a little more, but we're at the stage where he always finds something he does not like, so he does not take me home," she told Sedmička.

Even the eldest daughter, Viktorka, is getting away slowly. "Here's not a big surprise in the shape of a boy, he'll give a lot to his friends, and sometimes he does, but it's the first steps, I can not imagine anymore, and I do not want to!"


Vlaďka Erbová with her children | photo: Instagram

The coat of arms knew nothing in the movies that she had a rather dramatic break, which she did not admit at all. On the contrary, she said she was painting the future with the hockey player, but she still has football boots.

What's more, articles appeared in the media that accused Erb of trafficking poverty. In two cities in Northern Bohemia, they bought some relatively cheap apartments. Million's business was just starting with Gulash.


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