Cisco announced the Czech company ALEF Distribution as the best distributor for Eastern Europe


For ALEF Distribution CZ, the second grand prize this year. In the summer, NetApp, the authority to work with hybrid clouds, honored it with the excellent distribution of Cloud Solutions products in annual awards to partner companies around the world.

ALEF CZ's distribution has also grown for a long time this year compared to last year's Cisco product growth of 17%. The former's position as distributor for Eastern Europe has defended the company for several consecutive years.

"We are grateful for this award and we thank our customers for their long-term trust and cooperation, and we know that thanks to them we have the chance to grow, improve and win numerous awards." said Milan Zinek, CEO of the ALEF Group.

The ALEF Group, which includes ALEF Distribution, ALEF NULA or nangu.TV, is one of the largest providers of comprehensive data center, cyber security, collaboration, cloud, IoT or IPTV solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

ALEF has been a stable supplier of information technology since 1994. Next year we will celebrate 25 years in the market. Today it is one of the largest and most stable distributors in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania. He is a technology expert at Cisco, NetApp, Meraki, with more than twenty years of experience.

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