Chomutov threw the barrel The idiot is an idiot He received a fine of 20 thousand kroner


Chomutovsk tonk Vladimir Rika

| photo: Ondej Biit,

Phn lanes psnika. Ice Hockey Chomutov was sent to referee Renma Hradil by a bus driver and received a fine of 20 thousand crowns from Viktor Ujko, the chairman of the disciplinary committee.

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It happened at the back of the water from the bar extraleague Kladno, who won Pirti 2: 0. The dog passed the dirty host of Petr Hoava to Vladimir Riku mladi and nkte fans were punished. Hoover was given a two-minute penalty.

After repeating the foul on the die, Domc fired the camera into the cast and released the band The Tap Tap.

The Passport: The wheel is a wheel and stays around, so it was and is and nothing is changed; The idiot is an idiot and the idiot is going to stay, someone is a mole's foot, someone long; The wheel is a wheel and stands close by, from its argument to reason; The idiot is an idiot and the idiot will stay when the rules are in, so you should listen to them.

Clip for a Bus Writer:

Ujk wrote in his decision: The above mentioned and a half, the club committed a flagrant violation of Hernho du ELH, prohibiting them from using videocards, which hold authority and disrupt the role of judges, incite silence and manifestations of unsportsmanlike behavior, or do notes for them. At the same time, he made a clear violation of all fair play, requiring respect for his eyes.

The Judging Commission assessed Hradil's verdict at 24:32 as correct. The punishment could not handle this, because Rika completely finished. At first, the delegate Frantiek Rejthar wrote. Hoava was punished by the obstacle.

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