Burners in the gym quarantined the whole class and the teacher


There must be dozens, in some cases hundreds of others, quarantined at home. In the last measles case in the Olomouc region, there is, in addition to the family, a whole class of elementary school students and six faculty members.

In the Olomouc region, epidemiologists reported three cases of measles on Monday, confirmed by the National Reference Laboratory.

Two of Šumperk, where they are relatives, one of whom brought the disease from the Pardubice region, where he is headed for work, was added to the patient in Prostějov. One of the students at Jiří Wolker Grammar School was infected.

The gymnast was probably infected with gambling.

Measles is transmitted through the air and one evil can infect up to sixteen people. It was not easy to find the source of the infection in Prostějov's case. In the end, it failed.

Epidemiologists are inclined to have measles seems to have caught measles in a sports match where he went to look. This would correspond to the incubation period of the disease.

"It's impossible to find out. There were a lot of people in the area, "said Barbora Hanáková, head of the anti-epsidemia department of the Olomouc Region Regional Hygiene Station.

In mid-March, the student was hospitalized in an infectious ward and anyone who had direct contact with a sick child was required to be quarantined.

The young man is a family, thirty students and six teachers. The hygienists gradually approached all of them.

"In the quarantine, classmates are classmates and teachers who teach in this class that day – the boy was in class the day before he became ill," said epidemiologist Hanáková. "All contacts must be examined and their antibodies detected.

Classmates return to the bank on Monday, April 1st. "It's one class and two students from another class," said Michal Müller, deputy director of grammar school, where there are more than 20 classrooms.

Six of the 85 teachers are home teachers. "Nothing that could not be addressed. No one has returned from colleagues yet, but they should get results on Wednesday," added Müller.

Antibodies "export" from quarantine

If there is evidence of direct contact with the patient, the patient may return to the person. There is no longer any reason for limitation. Unprotected people who have been in direct contact with the patient should be isolated from the 7th to the 21st day of contact with the patient. Most of the time, the disease occurs around 10 to 14 days.

In addition to confirmed cases of Olomouc Region disease, epidemiologists examine other cases, contacts, from other regions where morbidity is significantly greater. Specifically, it is people outside the Olomouc region who could catch the disease. Even these must be quarantined before their antibodies are detected and the possibility that they may be spreading the disease and the infection can be ruled out.

"These are people who came in contact with patients in another region. Today are two new cases of these contacts, "said Hanáková on Monday.


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