Friday , October 22 2021

Bohuš Matuš does not love Lucie like Jesus! I lied, I admitted, I wanted a baby for me.


For more than a year, the controversial relationship of singer Bohuše Matuša with a young Lucie has been happening. Recently, the singer told us that her love for Lucie, sixteen, is platonic.

"I'm in love with her, but I love her like Jesus. I am a believer. I have this different way " the musical singer told us that he was more restrained about sex with his grandmother.

"Grandma used to say that dogs and cats do this, I'm not that much. I've been with my previous Nikolka girlfriend for eight years. I have not had anything with her for five years. That's why we ended up " Bohuš revealed to Express.

In addition, he claimed to have medically confirmed that she was a virgin.

But, as we have seen, the Virgin is only a sign of the zodiac. Although the singer was reluctant to answer the direct question of whether he slept with Lucia, he finally shied away from the divine.

"MOf course we are together. I stayed a long time, but when someone loves you so much … " the singer admitted that he was doing nothing wrong and that he was in accordance with the law.

"That's not true, it's all true. I lied because I amonetený. They are after me and I do not know how to defend myself. Everyone solved this, but there was such a relationship. Mostly, I wanted to protect Lucy from having trouble. " said Bohuš Matuš.

Because of her relationship with a 45-year-old singer, Lucie should have trouble at school. Matus feared that his colleagues would laugh at her, so he was mistaken about the true nature of his novel.

As he told us, she could imagine a family with Lucia in the future.

"She wants me a child.I could imagine that with her.Matuška also recognized Olinka when she was 15. They were together from their sixteen years and so remained until her death.I see anyway, the singer let himself be heard.

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