Blanarovič addresses herself to ULICE: She had to surpass the Alzheimer's center!


"My name is Zdenka, she is the mother of Magda Prochazkova, played by Veronika Cermak Mackova. Zdenek suffers from a serious illness, has Alzheimer's. Surprisingly and initially manifesting discreetly, it is not even perceived at first, but it gains momentum. The audience knows Zdeněk at the end of the first phase, when her memory is gradually falling, "revealed an actress who did not underestimate the preparation.

"I visited a specialized institution several times to take care of patients with Alzheimer's and I had the opportunity to speak with the head of the clinic, describing how the disease manifests itself," Blanarovičová admitted..

And that was not all. "I could also talk to my relatives. This is important to me because they are able to describe patients 'behavior to me better than themselves, "said the actress, asking how they had struggled with the doctors' verdict and how they were going through the stages of the disease.

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