Big Gun Comets? Passion and mist, for Kvapil


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Srie begins on Wednesday and Thursday at the Liberec Ice and Marek Kvapil goes against the darkness with which he celebrated the championship title in 2017 – by the way, after winning the Blmi Tigers Liberec.

It will be a bit different for me a bit, but I do not think otherwise I will be against Tinci or Pilsen, said Kvapil. First I'll think about it and then it will be a classic game.

What do you have to be careful with Comet?
For his pesilky and brejky nebrapen. Turn Cel on how to play it. But they have the same balance in the goal of the iliac that it reaches. Let's try to focus on this and see.

Pr si Kou Pen has released his advice …
Yes, but it was just a matter of general knowledge. He just had to be sure.

Did you remember in the booths of the co-star Hudka's star of the year, the tet title in the nezsk comet?
I also etl. Sometimes a hunter does something and then goes back to him.

Nevydsilo vs, as comet in the hard pejela Hradec?
Not for what? Tinec also defeated Vtkovice 4: 0. There is yin.

Is it good that you play the first two times at home?
Against such tmm u dn very useful, when will be seven back. But from the prison will be balanced, and there will be a grunt outside or at home.

You got 57 points at the baseline, but initially it seemed to hit you. Souhlaste?
They will not leave the season for a while afterwards. It's tk. I was having problems with the names of the injured and tried to spend some time getting ready for the game outside, and also had to slightly darken the season. But that did not bother me, we had a shot, we ran a table and got a grip. At the end of the day, Mon m influenced, but now is the time.

In the water of the season, you started with Michal Bole, who then went to KHL, now you're working with Tom Filippi. How is it different?
Kad hr is a bit of odlin. Wrong, what we can do and adapt to each other. With Tom a little, daydreaming, Bulda was at the end of the hour.

Brno m in the game, which you can get in the nervous soup. Can you stick to the ice?
Snam does not give, it's not too late. But in the playoffs, they leave in a hurry, I'm zaran and have a lot of fun. Be careful, I'll be uncomfortable.

Trenr Pen between the news sludge, and slack beat vs the obstacles. What do you think?
Well, well, yes, he hit me. (laughs)

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