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Bezos deposed Apple with Google. Amazon has become the most valuable signal in the world


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A technology company that dominates the study since its inception in 2006. Amazon's value jumped 52 percent to $ 315.5 billion ($ 7 billion) in the year. Thus, Amazon has reached a value that exceeds the centimeter margin.

Follow the giant Bezosov to accompany Apple with $ 309.5 billion and Google, which was worth $ 309 billion.

Amazon's phenomenal value of $ 108 billion last year is a confirmation of the fact that the characters are linked to individual categories and regions, said Doreen Wang of Kantar, who co-authored the study.

Breakthroughs and innovative technologies make signs like Amazon, Google and Alibaba offer a range of services to a broad range of consumers, he added.

Asia leads the brand

Most of the first hundred came from Asia. Of a total of twenty-fifteen, it was. The most valuable feature is Alibaba, which grew 16% last year to $ 131.2 billion and held a general position.

The spring of the year was sociln with Instagram. Her value per year grew 95%, thanks to the emu, she had 47 seats in the tyk's room. The second fastest growing company is Lululemon, a sportswear. It grew 77%.

BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Characters in the World 2019
Character Categories Value (US $ billion) Change value Po 2018
1 Amazon Retail 315,505 + 52% 3
2 Apple Technology 309,527 + 3% 2
3 Google Technology 309,000 + 2% 1
4 Micosoft Technology 251,244 + 25% 4
5 Visa Payment Systems 177,918 + 22% 7
6 Facebook Technology 158,968 -2% 6
7 Alibaba Retail 131,246 + 16% 9
8 Tencent Technology 130,862 -27% 5
9 McDonalds Fast food 130,368 + 3% 8
10 ATT Telecommunications 108,375 + 2% 10

The clutter of the brand's 100 highest values ​​is evidence of investment in brand development, BrandZ's David Roth said. More than two-thirds of the companies on the list focus on technology, finance, or retail.

According to the study, the commercial wolf between the United States and the United States had a negative impact on the automotive, logistics and banking industry. In total, it fell about seven percent, slowing the growth of large companies. US President Donald Trump believes he would be in a position to lead.

The BrandZ study conducted by WPP and Kantar analyzed the company's values ​​this year to cover it. a combination of Bloomberg data and the result of their own consumer survey. It monitors 166,000 companies in 50 markets.

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