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BERLIN Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš makes money on the policy and changes the rules on European funds to benefit from Agrofert, claiming a ZDF-ZDFzoom reporting and research program. The case of the Stork's Nest, for which the police suggested that Babise be indicted, speaks of fraud.

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"The Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania have something in common – they receive billions of euros in Brussels. Their mighty money is used for their purposes, often at the expense of European core values. So does Andrej Babiš, "says a report released on Wednesday. According to her, the man who is sometimes called the Czech Trump plays a dual role – both the head of government who forms the rules and the entrepreneur who uses them.

"Babiš is behind a number of companies and the EU supports them with millions of euros," recalls ZDFzoom, when the billionaire is in government, Agrofert's income from European funds has almost doubled. While in 2014 it was 42 million euros (1.1 billion kroner), in 2017 it was 82 million euros (2.1 billion kroner). Big companies have increasingly received money from subsidiary sources, which the EU relies on for smaller companies.

"He made the rules change"

"Everything is legal, also because Babiš was careful to change the rules," ZDF says, according to which the Czech prime minister "makes money with politics." For example, his former deputy in the Ministry of Finance, Lukáš Wagenknecht and Milan Eibl of Transparency International's anti-corruption organization are criticizing the Czech debut. Agrofert, which is now in the trust fund, whose sole beneficiary is Babiš, declined to comment and Babiš himself did not respond to the interview request on television.

But the European Commissioner for the Budget, Günther Oettinger, who stopped paying Agrofert's European funds last year, is on the agenda. According to him, people in positions similar to Babis should avoid conflicts of interest.

The report also briefly recalls the Čapí's Nest when it states that "as an entrepreneur, Babiš was involved in a fraud scandal." "Babis pretended that the hotel (Stork's Nest) is a small independent company, but actually belonged to its huge corporate empire, Agrofert," says an investigative program that deals with the misuse of European funds in Hungary and in the next few minutes.

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