Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Review: A companion with real resistance


We received news from Asus, Taiwan, which decided to make a good breeze in the middle class. The new Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 brings us an improved version of last year's predecessor. It now offers a new design, a larger screen or a more powerful 660 Snapdragon processor.

An undisputed advantage is a battery with a capacity of 5.000 mAh, but other parameters are certainly interesting. The phone is already on sale for a suggested price of £ 250 and now let's see what Asus has prepared for us through the new Max.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2: Package Design and Contents

As usual, let's start with a tour of the sales package. The blue box does not differ from other mid-range phones: in addition to the device itself and the required documentation, it includes a power adapter, microUSB cable, docking clip, transparent silicone case and headphones with surprisingly decent output. I just lost the protective film on the display.

Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2: a protective cover on the contents of the package
Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2: a protective cover on the contents of the package

After holding the phone, 175 grams will be the first to take it. The physical proportions are up to small variations identical to the previous generation (157.9 x 75.5 x 8.5 mm), but the display increased to 6.3 inches. Almost a no-frame phone, but under the screen there is a very strong chin and the frames around the screen panel are a bit stronger. But even so, the huge cutout screen covers 90% of the total face of the phone.

Review of Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2
Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2

This time, Asus did not opt ​​for a metal construction, but plastic, which mimics the glass at first glance. Thanks to the packaging provided, you are at least somehow protected against crushing or shattering. To the right of the screen is a volume base with an on / off button. At the bottom you will find a 3.5mm headphone jack, a full speaker output and a power connector.

Review of Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2
Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2 in protective case

Unfortunately, we found an obsolete microUSB port, which is also "upside down". In the middle class, I would expect the USB-C connector automatically. On the left side, there is a full size drawer to place a memory card and up to two nanoSIM cards (this is not a hybrid slot, but together you can use both SIMs along with a memory card).

The fingerprint sensor closes the back side. It has an unlocking speed of up to 0.3 second and should also deal with wet fingers, but in practice I have to say that in most cases unlocking did not respond. I'd rather dry my fingers or unlock my face before unlocking. The remaining element is a slightly protruding dual camera with a light emitting diode.

Asus Max Pro M2 8
It's a shame that the manufacturer did not bet on the most popular USB-C connector here

There is a choice between dark blue and space gray. For some models, the manufacturer has won with a variety of surface and visual finishes, here is a classic uniform tone, making the design a tremendous hassle for the phone. The design itself is very good.

Display: spacious and delicate

As I mentioned in the previous chapter, the Full HD + screen is 6.3 inches wide. It is a classic IPS display that offers a very nice show; Even the most expensive models may not be ashamed of 403 ppi points. It has good viewing angles, easy readability of sunlight.

For my taste, however, the maximum brightness level may still be slightly higher. I have bad news for enemy clippings – the notch can not be natively disabled, even in developer mode. A notification diode is located near the device in the display window and you can enable it in the settings.

Asus Max Pro M2 6
The Zenfone MaxPro M2 monitor offers a

There are no common features – night mode, adaptive brightness, glove control, screen saver or environmental display (notifications not shown) are supported. You can also wake the phone screen by tapping twice. Indulge in the presence of the 6th generation Gorilla Glass protection glass.

Hardware and battery life: bulldozer among competitors

Zenfone Max Pro is powered by a 14-core 14-mm Snapdragon 660 14-core processor. Operating memory reaches 6 GB and performance goes hand in hand with the Adreno 512 graphics chip, which is a significant change from last year's "em-one." Hardware equipments have the potential to attract game lovers. The internal memory for your data is 64GB, with about 53 gigabytes available in power, and can be expanded with a microSD card slot. Asus has prepared a free 100GB gift for new owners for a year.

Asus Max Pro M2 5

A separate page also deserves a sound page. The phone does not have stereo speakers, but the sound is very good. Asus bets on an enhanced speaker with an intelligent NXP amplifier that offers higher and less distorted audio output. Not forgetting the desired FM radio and headphones supplied with decent sound.

Asus Max Pro M2

One of the biggest advantages is the battery life, which is provided by a battery with an above average capacity of 5000 mAh. Such a value is not even common in higher classes. It can be said with a clear conscience that it is not a day phone but a two day phone. The Asus Max Pro M2 is reigning in a single charge area with a single charge.

Even with more intensive use, you earn a day and a half, which is still excellent value. But not to be completely afraid, we need to bring negatives as well. The phone can not quickly charge and charge a battery so great that it takes almost 3 hours. Missing fast loading I consider a step back not only because of the older microUSB used, but also because the hardware that Asus could do well.

Operating system: Android without embellishments

The manufacturer bets on pure and popular Android, eager for speed, speed and optimal optimization. In this case, it appeared directly at the top and no pre-installed content can be found outside the box on the phone. Even Asus itself has only a few of its own apps, the rest is run by Google, and this also applies to the overall environment.

I have nothing to censor in this area. Android is in the older version of Oreo 8.1. During the tests, two updates came, one of which brought scene recognition to artificial intelligence photography. Under normal circumstances, I would punish an older version of the system, but in a matter of weeks it will download the latest version of Android 9 Pie.

The connectivity network is quite broad: Wi-Fi meets 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz only) standards with support for Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC, making it easy to buy. Both SIM slots support the 4G network, but the LTE can only be used on a SIM card. VoLTE and VoWiFi are also available, if supported by your operator, and the GPS locator kit, Glogass and Galileo will help you navigate. The speed of positioning itself is hassle-free, which you will enjoy not only in the automobile, but also in pedestrian navigation.

Camera and video recording: AI in action

The dual camera on the back encourages you to take good quality photos. Choosing the Sony IMX486 with a bright f / 1.8 aperture. The camera's maximum resolution is 13 megapixels and provides fast auto focus in just 0.03 seconds. For depth-of-field recording, a second camera with a resolution of 5 Mpx and an angle of 84 ° is used.

Asus Max Pro M2 10

The spring update brought a novelty in the form of 13 scenes, according to which the phone automatically sets the necessary parameters, as we know, for example, the Huawei or Honor phones. These are the following scenes: people, food, dog, cat, sunset, sky, green field, ocean, flower, plants, snow, stage and text.

The camera application also offers 9 color filters, HDR, portrait mode and various modes (manual, night, sport, beauty, etc.). The environment itself is graphically rather archaic, maybe we'll see a facelift when upgrading to a newer version of Android. The front camera offers a resolution of 13 megapixels with f / 2.0 aperture and also deals with night, beauty, sports and various filters. In portrait mode, you can use the bokeh effect (background blur behind the object).

Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2 was a pleasant surprise. Especially the AI ​​helper will help you get the best out of your photos. In general, Asus Zenfone Max Pro combines classic versatile images, whether they be detailed macro images, portraits or common snapshots. In the case of favorable lighting conditions, you will conjure up really hilarious photos with faithful submission and sharpness. Noise and sharpness come apart in low light and in low light conditions.

Suggestion: All full resolution test images can be viewed / downloaded here.

Videos can be recorded at a maximum resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160, 30 FPS). It is a pity that the slow motion video function is missing and I should also regret the lack of stabilization at the highest resolution. If you reduce the parameters to Full HD (or HD), you can activate the Electronic Stabilization (EIS) wizard, even in this case the frequency per second is 30 frames.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Review: Final Review

The new Asus has some tricks up its sleeve to dazzle potential users. One of the most distinctive is the 5000mAh battery, which will provide a very decent battery life. Not only will the user listen for almost two days of normal use. Another attraction is a successful display and will delight very decent photos and good video quality.

For 4K recording, do not expect image stabilization, but if you switch to Full HD, you can use at least electronic stabilization. The flip is the presence of a microUSB connector and the absence of fast charging. Otherwise, the new Zenfon Max Pro M2 will not be too reproachful.

An alternative to the selection may be the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (review), which offers a slightly smaller and finer display at a lower price or higher resolution for both cameras. Consideration can be given to the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (Review) option, which offers USB-C and a 24 megapixel front camera for almost the same price. For the third time, we offer the Honor 8X phone (review) with a bigger screen, 128 GB of internal memory and videos in Full HD.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2)

Design and processing

7.2 / 10

Performance and optimization

7.4 / 10

Hardware equipment

7,0 / 10

Photo and video quality

7.4 / 10

Pros (+)

  • excellent battery life
  • fun display
  • audio output above average
  • photographic quality
  • 2 SIM card slot and microSD
  • 100 GB free on Google Drive

Cons (-)

  • longer charging time
  • older microUSB connector
  • lower screen brightness
  • the clipping on the screen can not be hidden


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