Artificial intelligence in the Czech Republic does not go too far –


Approximately 70% of Czech companies are in the process of preparing and experimenting with the use of artificial intelligence, only 17% of Czech companies have entered the implementation phase.

"Domestic companies are on a starting line similar to the developed countries and now who is making the best use of this chance for innovation is being thrown in. Whoever has a clear view of the added value of artificial intelligence for business has a become a leader in your industry. " smaller companies can move into the position of competitors of the current market leaders thanks to the early introduction of AI, "said Dalibor Kačmář, director of the Microsoft Partner Network, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Improving Business Processes

So far, Czech companies are focusing on improving existing business processes rather than innovating where 22% of the double-digit growth business and 33% of other businesses rely on AI in the next 12 months. Within three years, AI wants to introduce up to 87% of competitors and 78% of double-digit growth companies for these purposes.

"It is important to start building gradually the Czech AI industry, a community of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises focused on the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence, as well as promote the systematic introduction of artificial intelligence in all enterprises and industrial services. the modern flexible production with positive impacts on the Czech economy, "said Vladimír Mařík, scientific director of CIIRC at CTU and leader of the AICZECHIA initiative.

Nearly two-fifths of the companies (38%) in the high-growth world are already implementing an artificial intelligence solution, with the vast majority (87%) planning to invest in the development of artificial intelligence in decision making within one to three years. Companies with double-digit growth rates are twice as likely to use artificial intelligence as other companies.


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