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Nowadays, games are usually offered for a fee or for free. Especially for smartphones and tablets, the latter category dominates – that is, free titles.

Of course, the creators of software were all very well calculated, and many studies in the past have shown that free games will ultimately cost players much more than paying for the title.

This is mainly due to the fact that microtransactions occur in individual games. Thus, users can pay for a variety of enhancements, other items, or other competitive advantages that make it easy to get through the game.

For ten crowns, but even thousands

The cheapest microtransactions are of the order of ten crowns, but large packages of improvements cost up to a few thousand. And, as the economic results of the various game studios show, thousands of players are willing to spend their favorite titles every month.

But that's what Apple will try to stop with Arcade. While the user will have to pay a monthly fee whose amount has not yet been specified, but will have unlimited access to all games on this platform.

There will be more than a hundred games available in the fall.

There will be more than a hundred games available in the fall.

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It will not be possible to spend money on individual securities in the form of micro-transactions, nor will they display advertising. This will give users precise control over how much they spend.

In addition, a game account can be shared with other family members. Up to six family members will be able to access games that, by the way, can be stored offline and run even without an Internet connection.

The service will run on different platforms

The final cherry on the cake is the fact that the whole service will be cross-platform. Apple is not only targeting iPhone and iPad owners, but also Mac users and the Apple TV multimedia center.

The Arcade game service will be launched in the fall. 100 new and exclusive titles should be available at startup, Apple representatives promised.

You can find out more about other news at Apple's Monday event in our online report.

There will be over one hundred games available in the fall

There will be more than a hundred games available in the fall.

PHOTO: creator file


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