Thursday , April 22 2021

Anica (4) sent a letter to Jesus in balloons: He flew 405 kilometers. The gifts consist of the whole of Poland

Finding a letter with a fluffy drawing raised a stir in the Polish media. Fact, SE or TVP TVN and TVN reported this. The whole story of Jesus, who traveled to Poland for 405 kilometers, was very impressed and surprised.

It was November 12 and Kamilka was in Zabrze for a walk with his mother Patrycja Olsza (42) and the dog Borys. Suddenly, he saw in the field a colored balloon to which the letter was tied. When the family read, he discovered that he came from a great distance.

Annie wants Elsy dress

"It is more than 400 km for us. My daughter immediately got the idea that we need to send a gift to the girl"Patrycja said, and immediately she was looking for a girl. Annie's letter is a huge fan of the Ice Kingdom fairy tales, and she would like Elsa to wear under the tree.

She also wrote about a large pink bicycle, plush and crayons. In the letter, Jesus also asked for a track and skateboard. "Probably my brother"Says the mother. The Strážce Foundation – Equity Opportunity even set up a collection so that Annie's desire, with the help of Kamila and her mother, could be fulfilled.

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