An industrial hall burned in Přerov, ten million is a shame –


Fire announcements were received at 3:56 am on Sunday.

"It's mainly the hall that measures about 50 times 20 meters. The building was already on fire at the time of our arrival. There were heavy blows, the door opened, the side wall exploded. Several cylinders exploded. Due to the disturbed static and explosions of the object, we extinguish the fire using techniques of breathing and altitude through several chains of all the sides. The building is demolished. We are awaiting the arrival of the static, "said the spokesman, adding that the fire also partially affected other corridors where firefighters were able to locate him quickly.

Fire hall of Přerov

Fire hall of Přerov

PHOTO: HZS Olomouckého kraje

"We are now reaching minor outbreaks. It is likely that the intervention will continue throughout the morning, "added Hošák. After nine o'clock in the morning, the spokesman added that he was no longer in the room and that the building was gradually being handed over to the owners. For the time being, the preliminary damage is estimated at ten million kroner.


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