Americans want to rebuild the moon in five years –


NASA planned to send a crew to the moon in 2028. "We need to double our efforts," said the vice president.

"We can participate in space races as in the 1960s," he said in an allusion to China's ambitious plans for cosmic conquest, adding that the next big step is to send a crew of astronauts to Mars.

In early January, the Chinese ship Chang-e 4 landed for the first time on the other side of the moon. According to these plans, in 2030, the first Chinese would be on its surface.

Experts warn

However, experts are skeptical about whether the trip to the moon will be possible within five years. For example, Jonathan McDowell of the Center for Astrophysics of Cambridge draws attention to the problem of a lander who must be designed, constructed and tested.

The United States will celebrate the 50th anniversary of human landing this month, sending 12 astronauts between 1969 and 1972. Since then, no state has made a serious attempt to send a human crew to Earth's natural satellite.

In recent decades, US governments have hesitated between the human crew's mission to Mars and the return to the moon. Former President Barack Obama preferred the first option while Trump tended to the other.


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