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Ajax's sensational campaign continues. He also won in London after Madrid and Turin

Frank Augstein, ČTK / AP

A quarter of an hour was enough for a Dutch hero from Turin to become a geroj again. For a change in London and the semifinal for that. The Moroccan Zijach sent Van de Beer to chance, and the Ajax sock acted as a routine on Lloris's face. It was as if he were not only twenty-two, as if he had had many similar duels, and made more use of such opportunities.

A blow to the blow hit the Spurs

For Tottenham, already decimated by the absence of Kane, Aurier, Lamel, Winks and the top of the still fucked Son, nothing could have happened. Hardly the match started and was already losing. He did not know what to do with the hurried young Ajax, who had always been a step or two before. They held the balloon together, patiently, but actively and diligently discussed the defense of the house with the conviction that its moment would arrive, as it did in Madrid and Turin.

Ajax football player Donny van de Beek marks the first goal of the Champions League semi-final at Tottenham Stadium.

Andrew Couldridge, Reuters

After fifteen minutes, they were waiting, and because Van de Beek used it, and even the video of their success, they had the advantage not only in the game room but also mentally. And who knows how they would grow if, after nine minutes, Lloris had not eliminated Tadic's opportunity. However, the French goalkeeper in the Spurs made an excellent kick, so the home team survived the critical moment.

Soon he could respond and fill in the old truth with "you will not get it," but Llorente's head lost the gate, but in any case it was an encouragement to the cocks and a challenge to try to do something about unfavorable semi-progress . they hit another hit …

Tottenham's players after Ajax scored in the Champions League semifinals.

Dylan Martinez, Reuters

Vertonghen, one of the four players who passed through Ajax, bumped his head against Alderwiereld's teammate in an aerial battle and had to change his face with blood. And to make matters worse, Alderwild's head over the bar at Onan's gate ended at the appointed time.

Rooster attacked, Ajax hit his cock

However, Tottenham also confirmed that he could venture much more on the offensive than in the first forty-five minutes. He pushed Ajax to its sixteen, sending four shots to the guest's gate for the quarter of an hour, the same number as in the first half, and the attack gradually grew in constant pressure.

Tottenham scored a goal in Ligymistres' semi-final against Ajax.

Andrew Couldridge, Reuters

However, in a battle for every meter of the course, the Dutch opponent was disciplined and organized with a clear stance, although, of course, he had to withdraw from his offensive and loaded soccer activity. Only once did he enter a dangerous onslaught, but it was worth it. Lloris just saw Brazilian legionnaire Neres smash in the 77th minute.

The greater chance of the second half did not bring the goal, but Ajax could have twisted anyway. He defended the award, and within a week he would be home very close to reaching the final of the Champions League, which he last played in 1996.

Champions League semi-final opener:
Tottenham – Ajax Amsterdam 0: 1 (0: 1)
Goal: 15. Van de Beek. Judge: Mateu Lahoz – Cebrián Devís, Del Palomar – Hernández (video, all of Spain). RC: Tagliafico, Veltman (both Ajax).
Totteham: Lloris – Alderweireld, Sanchez, Vertonghen (39th Sissoko) – Trippier (80th Foyth), Eriksen, Waynama, Rosa (79a Davies) – Alli, Llorente, Lucas. Coach: Pochettino.
Ajax: Onana – Veltman, De Ligt, Blind, Tagliafico – Van de Beek, Schöne (65. Mazraoui), De Jong – Zijach (87. Huntelaar), Tadic, Neres. Coach: the Hag.

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