Air Race in the center of Prague? The Vltava river is narrow, says the Czech champion and recommends Tábor


Acrobatic rider Martin Šonka believes he can enjoy the start of the Red Bull Air Race series, which won in the Czech Republic this year. According to him, this could happen in 2021.

"Of course, I would love to have a home race, of course, and it's not to be excluded that the series was also for the Czech Republic," Šonka said. "The stable fanbase is growing, the series is gaining prestige, and it is no longer just a plane trail. The organizer would have been the race in the Czech Republic, now it's about what needs to be done to make that happen," he added. Šonka.

The most important are the money and the place where the race would be held. "To please the organizer," Šonka said. "It certainly will not be next year, probably not even real, but in three years it may have to come out, only hundreds of franchises will take two years," he said.

It is probably not possible to organize a race directly on the Vltava in the center of Prague. "There is a lot of river there, there are a lot of bridges, so there is not much space on the track, considering all the conditions that they have to face, and there is a question of whether the correct lane really came in. The variant is Chuchle, , said Snook.

"But as I say, it is necessary to get all the necessary authorizations and, above all, someone has to pay." When I see the problems of the Grand Prix motorcycle in Brno, I know this may not be an easy obstacle to overcome. sea ​​bass said.

If he can not get into the race in Prague, he has a spare variant in the reserve. "I am Jihočes, despite being born in Podkrkonoší (Dvr Králové nad Labem) We have a Jordanian lake in Tábor, it is right in the center, it is also a beautiful historical city … So if Prague does not leave, I will definitely settle for Tábor, "he said with a smile Shank

"It would be nice to be in Slovakia, where the Air Race fans are very, although there is no Slovak driver in the competition, this sport is great in that there is no need for F1 depending on the big oval. almost anywhere, just to suit and match the conditions, "added Shonka.

Many of the race sites grew in his heart. "We've been flying in cool places, maybe Budapest is a beautiful place, Rio, New York in Manhattan, these are really cool places, and now, thanks to the title, I love Texas, where you're flying in the NASCAR really interesting track, "Šonka said.


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