Agáta Prachařová gave up! It has the worst case scenario!


Does Agáta Prachařová give up any hope of saving her relationship with her husband Jakub? It seems so. She is directed abroad and, according to the source of her neighborhood, does not expect the Talent jury to return to her.

The events of the last days are extremely challenging for Agata Pracharova. When her husband James left her for the first time on Thursday, she charged with force, as evidenced by the testimony of the people around her. However, actress Veronika Žilková's daughter could not relinquish her agreed upon work obligations, although she knew something was wrong.


Agáta and Jakub Prachař | photo: Instagram

According to Expres's source from the couple of stars Agáta, after the party magazine, for which she filmed the cover page, she persuaded one of her colleagues to sleep with her, not in a cottage in Suchdol in Prague. What is the reason?

"Everyone knows that Agatha does not like to sleep alone in bed. He is literally terrified. They are afraid of darkness and loneliness, "explained Expres, a mysterious informant who is close to the Prachař family.

"When she has kids at home, she sleeps with her in bed," the Express source said. That night, however, the babies had arranged babysitting and Agatha did not want to go back to the empty house, especially after the recently unknown criminal stole them.

"She does not feel at home. And because of that she bought a dog because she does not expect Jakub to come back again, "concludes the source of the surroundings of the pair of stars. In addition, according to the available information, Agáta intends to face solitude by going to Israel to her mother Veronika Žilková.


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