Agáta Prachařová finally has peace! What about James?


Agáta Prachařová has enjoyed the place of hysteria in nature enjoying peace with the children, the more she is, the better it is. On the contrary, Jakub, who supposedly filmed a fairy tale in Brno, refrains from any reaction. We are not much smarter a week after your next departure from Prague.

Tomorrow will be a week that Jakub Prachař stopped at home in a country house in Suchdol, Prague, to pack all the things necessary for a two weeks filming of a fairy tale, which he went to Brno in the words of his wife Agata .

The daughter of the actress Veronika Žilková wished that "there was no hysteria" again, which she managed in part. The situation has calmed down for at least a while, for example, Jakub's account on the Instagram has been silent ever since. This can not be said about the profile that Agáta manages in the same social network, which mainly publishes photos with children. There is no vision or hearing after James.

For example, over the weekend, Agata and her children were looking for treasure somewhere inland. "The more children, the better," she told Instagram, a mother who has a daughter Miu with the son of her former friend Mirek Dopita, Kryspin, and her husband, James.

Agatha also did not forget to invite the fans to watch her show Mommy Over Things. "With Kryšpín and Kordula, we prepared snails and puff pastry. Easy recipes for kids to have fun in the kitchen with you, "she wrote in a comment.

We can only imagine how much Agatha is on the issue of the marriage crisis with James. However, the jitter about the breakup that was initially discussed developed a rather dramatic situation. Will the pair of stars help you present the separation? See you soon.


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