Adventure movie Mia and the White Lion turned with real beasts, the crew hid in cages –


Whoever believes the film was made with the help of various special effects is wrong. In fact, all the lions that appear in the movie are real. And the beast, one of the central characters, is definitely not a trained animal borrowed from the circus …

The girl named Daniah, who was chosen by the director Gilles de Maistre for the role of Mii, had to be with the lion by day, and was already a child. Only then could they build an authentic relationship presented in front of the cameras. The film was filmed for three years, so a girl with a lion can create the right bond. Everything was overseen by Kevin Richardson, a world-renowned lion expert, not in vain nicknamed "screaming lion."

Of course, a fluffy pet grew up in a 250-pound beast.

Of course, a fluffy pet grew up in a 250-pound beast.

Photo: Coert Wiechers Galatee Films – External films

How did the lion shoot the inexperienced actress then? Some would expect everything to be easier until their pet was a cute baby. But Daniah de Villers sees it differently: "There were always a lot of people on the set when he was a baby, so he quickly lost his attention. But as he grew up, people moved into the cages for sure, and the shooting was over. easy, "recalls the brave actress of the film that will hit Czech theaters on April 25.


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